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Our mission for Orange Blossom Doula Services, LLC is to grow and celebrate your family's special moments. We are proud to provide families in South Jersey and Philadelphia exceptional support from pregnancy to postpartum. Our unique approach is that we strongly believe in collaboration and building bridges with families and medical professionals.


Just like our marriage, we believe the formula for a successful business is: Respect, Support, and Communication. We have tremendous respect for the families we work with, their medical teams, as well as each other. We are always encouraging of each other to do our best professionally and build strong relationships. Creating a safe space to communicate desires and concerns is our core focus for Orange Blossom Doula Services. We believe your unique feelings and experiences are important. 


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  I wanted to write a lengthy thank you for the work you did, but with a newborn, that may not be an option. The photos you took, and especially the vinette you made of Clara's birth were all AMAZING!!! Every time I view them, I am brought to tears. Your work is beautiful and moving beyond my imagination. Moreover, I also wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to have YOU there during the labor and delivery. Of course, you were professional, but more importantly warm and friendly, and you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

  You are an amazing woman, warm, caring, fun, positive, and just a great lady to have around. Your guidance before, during, and after Clara's arrival was above and beyond expectations. When I chose to contact you based on your website and reviews, I already believed you were good people, but I could never have realized how awesome and fun you would be. With your help, I was able to have the birth experience I wanted. I cannot imagine how much differently things would have been without you!

  Both of you: You make such a great team, and I so appreciate you bringing your beautiful loving dynamic to Clara's birth. Thank you, a million times thank you. 


-Heather & Clara

"My friends who had doulas for their births said that it was a must. I had my doubts; I'd read every book known to man and felt completely confident with my ability to have a natural birth. But after meeting several doulas and loving Dominique's energy I thought, "Hey, it couldn't hurt."

Well, after laboring at home for almost 24 hours and getting to the hospital and finding out I was only 5 centimeters I was ready to give-up and get an epidural and any other drugs they would throw my way. But my Mom kept saying, let's just wait for Dominique. So I did. And she is the ONLY reason I stuck to my birth plan and delivered my alert, healthy little girl 12 hours later. 

Dominique helped my partner know when and how to assist me, she suggested people eat so the support group didn't get hangry, she kept me properly hydrated by offering water and coconut water, she knew tons of positions to keep me moving and keep the baby moving down, she applied pressure to my sacrum when I started having some back labor, when I was ready to give up she looked me hard in the eye and convinced me I could keep going, she talked to doctors and nurses when I was basically non-verbal. I could go on and on, she was the reason I'm able to tell my birth story with a smile. 

My mom even wanted me to name the baby after her and she is NOT mushy type, so that says a lot.

All in all if I have another baby there's no doula I would want to have by my side other than Dominique." 




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Orange Blossom Doula Services specializes in non-judgmental educational, emotional, and informational support. 

We have experience in the following:


hospital birth / home birth / birth center / cesarean birth / induced labors / unmedicated vaginal birth / vaginal birth with epidural / VBAC / breastfeeding / bottle feeding / cloth diapers / baby wearing / LGBTQ families / attachment parenting / newborn care / infant massage / photography / postpartum support / prenatal support / infertility / adoption / surrogacy / childbirth education / CPR / first aid / 

We love attending births at hospitals and birth centers. Here are the facilities that we regularly support families: 


Capital Health Hopewell / Virtua Mount Holly Hospital / Virtua Voorhees Hospital / Pennsylvania Hospital / Hospital of University of Pennsylvania / Lifecycle WomanCare Bryn Mawr Birth Center / Princeton Plainsboro / Bryn Mawr Hospital / Valley Birthplace / Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 


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