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Would you like to:
Form a strong bond of love and trust with your baby?
Help your baby sleep better and for longer?
Ease your baby’s gas and colic pain?
Relieve your baby’s constipation?
Stimulate your baby’s neurological development?
Attend a relaxing and friendly class with your baby?


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  • Learn how to improve your baby’s general well-being through positive touch and understand your baby’s non-verbal language. Infant massage class is a baby led class, so we follow baby's needs. You are encouraged to take breaks for nursing and diaper changes. All you will need to bring is your standard diaper/nursing bag, one bed pillow, and a towel or blanket (something you wouldn't mind if oil spilled on it). The class is open to babies up to one year old. All educational materials and cold pressed oils for massage will be provided.   


  • Private home classes are also available to help parents learn massage techniques and bond with their child in the privacy of their own home.



Infant Massage 

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We would love to connect with you


Phone: (609) 284-2562



Orange Blossom Doula Services specializes in non-judgmental educational, emotional, and informational support. 

We have experience in the following:


hospital birth / home birth / birth center / cesarean birth / induced labors / unmedicated vaginal birth / vaginal birth with epidural / VBAC / breastfeeding / bottle feeding / cloth diapers / baby wearing / LGBTQ families / attachment parenting / newborn care / infant massage / photography / postpartum support / prenatal support / infertility / adoption / surrogacy / childbirth education / CPR / first aid / 

We love attending births at hospitals and birth centers. Here are the facilities that we regularly support families: 


Capital Health Hopewell / Virtua Mount Holly Hospital / Virtua Voorhees Hospital / Pennsylvania Hospital / Hospital of University of Pennsylvania / Lifecycle WomanCare Bryn Mawr Birth Center / Princeton Plainsboro / Bryn Mawr Hospital / Valley Birthplace / Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 


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