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A labor doula is a trained and experienced non-medical member of your birth team who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to you and your partner. The role of a doula is to not replace your birth partner because we respect and encourage the loving care only your birth partner can provide you. Choosing to have a doula can enhance your overall experience with continuous support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with your newborn. Doulas provide non-medical care and value the trusting relationship you have with your medical providers, which is why we encourage creating an atmosphere of teamwork with your OB, midwives, and nurses.


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What is a Doula?

Birth Support Includes:

Grow and Blossom

Helping your family

  • You will receive a complimentary consultation at your home with Dominique and Rebecca to discuss your plans for birth and provide additional information about Orange Blossom Doula Services.


  • After a service agreement and down payment is received two prenatal visits will be provided for you and your partner to discuss expectations and concerns for your labor and birth. You will receive assistance with writing a birth plan and how to effectively communicate your wishes for your labor with your midwife or doctor. You will also receive community referrals for local prenatal massage therapist, childbirth classes, prenatal yoga, and lactation consultants. Prenatal visits will also give you and your partner techniques for coping with labor, positions for pushing, and postpartum/newborn care.


  • Phone & email support is offered to answer questions, discuss your concerns, and provide referrals.


  • Two weeks prior to your due date/until your baby is born, I will be on call 24 hours. I will meet you at home, birth center, or hospital from time active labor has started. As your doula I will provide relaxation techniques, encouragement, positioning suggestions, and support for you and your partner until the birth of your baby. I will stay as needed for up to two hours to assist with the initial breastfeeding and provide immediate postpartum care.


  • You will be provided with one postpartum home visits within six weeks of your birth to provide additional support & resources to your new family. Also during your postpartum visit you will receive a complimentary introduction to infant massage session tailored to meet your baby's needs. 



Fee for services $1,200

Baby Shower Gift Certificates are also available


We would love to connect with you


Phone: (609) 284-2562



Orange Blossom Doula Services specializes in non-judgmental educational, emotional, and informational support. 

We have experience in the following:


hospital birth / home birth / birth center / cesarean birth / induced labors / unmedicated vaginal birth / vaginal birth with epidural / VBAC / breastfeeding / bottle feeding / cloth diapers / baby wearing / LGBTQ families / attachment parenting / newborn care / infant massage / photography / postpartum support / prenatal support / infertility / adoption / surrogacy / childbirth education / CPR / first aid / 

We love attending births at hospitals and birth centers. Here are the facilities that we regularly support families: 


Capital Health Hopewell / Virtua Mount Holly Hospital / Virtua Voorhees Hospital / Pennsylvania Hospital / Hospital of University of Pennsylvania / Lifecycle WomanCare Bryn Mawr Birth Center / Princeton Plainsboro / Bryn Mawr Hospital / Valley Birthplace / Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 


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